Empowering Kenyan SMEs by Simplifying Online Payments.


Written by: iPay

Posted on September 19, 2023

Empowering Kenyan SMEs by Simplifying Online Payments.

By: iPay

In the heart of Kenya's evolving business landscape, a golden opportunity awaits. The Kenyan e-commerce market is booming, with a 7% annual growth rate and 90% of the population using mobile phones. Can your business afford to miss out on this digital transformation? iPay plays a crucial role in ensuring businesses successfully transition to online sales.

Discover what's driving this change, explore iPay's solutions, and see why SMEs moving online prefer iPay's digital payment solutions.  

Reasons Why Brands and SMEs are Choosing to Sell Online:  

1. The Pandemic's Digital Push:

The COVID-19 pandemic brought a tidal wave of change to businesses worldwide. Lockdowns and restrictions left companies with no choice but to adapt or face the risk of closure. Selling online emerged as a lifeline for brands striving to recover and thrive in these challenging times.

2. A Growing Hunger for Digital Expansion: Survival is just the starting point for businesses. Thriving in the digital age means expanding beyond traditional boundaries and tapping into new markets. Here is where iPay comes into play, simplifying the digital journey for SMEs. 3. Mobile Penetration and Internet Access: Kenya boasts one of Africa's highest rates of mobile penetration, with a significant portion of the population having access to smartphones and the internet. This accessibility allows SMEs to connect with a broad audience through mobile apps and websites.

4. A Youthful Population: Kenya's youthful and tech-savvy population makes them more likely to embrace online shopping. This demographic trend bodes well for e-commerce growth, as younger consumers are generally comfortable with technology.

5. Rising Middle Class: As Kenya's middle class expands, more people have disposable income. The increase in financial capacity drives the desire for convenience and access to a broader range of products offered by e-commerce.

6. Mobile Money and Payment Solutions: Mobile money services like M-Pesa are widely used in Kenya, providing a convenient and secure means of online payment. E-commerce platforms can seamlessly integrate with these mobile payment solutions to facilitate transactions, simplifying the buying process for consumers.

iPay Solutions for Kenyan SMEs:  

1. Easy Payment Collection: iPay simplifies the collection of online payments, accommodating popular methods such as M-Pesa, Airtel Money, mobile banking, and card payments. No more juggling multiple payment methods – iPay online solution streamlines it all.

2. Single API Infrastructure: iPay's single API infrastructure is a universal connector, making different payment channels communicate seamlessly. Imagine it as a bridge connecting your business to various payment options, ensuring your customers can pay you effortlessly.

3. Expanding Your Customer Reach: Partnering with iPay allows businesses to tap into a broader customer base. Whether your customers prefer web platforms or mobile applications on Android and iOS devices, iPay ensures they can make payments conveniently.

4. Smooth Transactions: Complexity has no place in your business operations. iPay simplifies transactions, guaranteeing your customers a hassle-free payment experience. We prioritize to concentrate on delivering exceptional service instead of troubleshooting payment issues.

5. Quick Integration: Integrating with iPay's online solution is a simple process. It's swift and straightforward, requiring minimal effort on your part. You won't need a team of tech experts to get started.

Here's why Kenyan SMEs that receive money online from their customers prefer iPay.

  1. Easy Start-Up: You can create an account quickly and easily online. Plus, when you receive payments, we ensure your money goes directly into your chosen bank account.
  2. Timely and Flexible Settlement: We ensure our client's earnings are paid out on time, allowing them to choose settlement intervals that best suit their business needs.
  3. Automated Financial Reports: Get easy-to-understand reports that help businesses make intelligent business decisions, manage risks, and stay ahead.
  4. Boost Your Income: Our secure, advanced RESTful API protects businesses from fraud and increases your chances of successful payments.
  5. Effortless Payment Reconciliation: Make transaction reconciliation a breeze. Entrepreneurs can access real-time information about charges, fees, refunds, and transfers through our RESTful API and Dashboard.
  6. Affordable and Flexible Pricing: We offer budget-friendly pricing for all types of businesses. Our flexible plans allow our customers to customize payment options to suit their needs.
  7. Simple Start-Up Process: Sign up in just a few easy steps, verify your account, integrate our payments API within minutes, and start collecting and making payments with iPay.
  8. Global Expansion Made Easy: When businesses enter new countries, we simplify how they collect money from their consumers by adapting and integrating preferred payment choices appropriate for the market, which has proven to boost international sales
  9. Dedicated Customer Support: You're never alone. We provide dedicated customer support through various channels, ensuring our customer needs are met.

Ready to simplify payments, expand your reach, and grow your business with iPay? Get started today and experience the future of online transactions! Request a demo now or explore our onboarding forms, here https://www.ipayafrica.com/merchant-register/#/registration , to join the thousands of SMEs thriving with iPay.


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